Mid-Atlantic Privacy: Constructive Oversight

Note: This post is part of a series on the Mid-Atlantic Privacy Compass. Over the following weeks, Commissioner White will explore each of its Compass Points in greater detail.


  • Oversight means more than the actions of regulators. It can happen through courts, economic markets, self-regulatory schemes, and citizen action.

  • Organisations should engage with regulators, civil society, and other stakeholders as trusted advisors. No party should hold a confrontational, cat-and-mouse mind-set, but should seek proactive and constructive engagement.

  • Rights and privileges can only be protected if all groups work in collaboration. With the goal of providing individuals with understanding and assurance, businesses must embrace the value of oversight groups, and vice versa.


Oversight is critical to the healthy functioning of a community's sense of social responsibility. Power and privilege must always be held to account for their actions and the consequences.