The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PrivCom) is an independent public office with a mandate to regulate the use of personal information by organisations in a manner which recognizes both the need to protect the rights of individuals in relation to their personal information and the need for organisations to use personal information for legitimate purposes, among other duties, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2016. More details about our office are available via our About Us page.

We offer individuals the opportunity for broad exposure to private, public, and third-sector data management and governance practices, international regulatory issues, and a variety of work experiences.

PrivCom is an employer that seeks to employ individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We encourage applicants who may feel they do not meet 100% of the requirements. We fully support the use of reasonable accommodations in our working environment. We will consider filling positions as part-time or flexible hours.

In addition to other advertisements, current job postings will be displayed in the section below.


Please note that PrivCom uses personal information because it is needed for a potential employment relationship, as allowed by PIPA's section 6(1)(h). We may request information on your Bermudian status to comply with Public Service Commission Regulations 2001. This use of sensitive personal information is considered lawful in the context of recruitment or employment, according to PIPA's section 7(3)(d).

To meet our Purpose Limitation (section 10) and Integrity (section 12) requirements, personal information will only be retained until the specific position is filled.


Additional details are available in our Privacy Notice, and you will find a contact mechanism on that page for further questions regarding how PrivCom may use personal information.

Current Opportunities

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Deputy Privacy Commissioner

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PrivCom) is seeking the services of a skilled and capable individual to work as Deputy Privacy Commissioner. Reporting to the Privacy Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner is responsible for providing leadership and direction in the innovative and strategic management of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


The Deputy Privacy Commissioner acts as direct advisor to the Privacy Commissioner on all issues of importance to the Office and its operations and provides ongoing direction and support to ensure the smooth functioning and effective operation of all areas of the Office. The Deputy Privacy Commissioner also functions as a second in command and executive operating officer, coordinates and plans the priorities for the Office, ensuring managerial continuity and overseeing programs and staff. The incumbent also directs the delivery of programs and services to the public on behalf of the Privacy Commissioner. 

The Deputy Privacy Commissioner oversees all activities of the Office to ensure the effective and timely delivery of programs and services and plays a leadership role to ensure that all aspects of the organization are aligned with the Privacy Commissioner’s overall vision for the organization. The Deputy Privacy Commissioner must evaluate and adjust priorities to meet unpredictable and unplanned requirements and must harmonize work by constantly exchanging information with the Privacy Commissioner and other staff. The Deputy Privacy Commissioner ensures the effective and efficient management of assigned human, financial, and material resources in support of carrying out the Office’s mandate.

The Deputy will manage a variety of projects, including regulatory activities, strategy, engagement, communications and public outreach, and public reporting. Familiarity in any of these areas is an asset.


This position is placed on the BPSU salary scale as PS-38 through PS-40, meaning the annual salary range begins at $127,618.66.

For this position, the post-holder must have/be:

  • A high level of integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality in all matters that come to the post holder’s knowledge and the ability to effectively handle confidential and sensitive information

  • Critical and analytical thinker

  • Good interpersonal skills with a professional service orientated approach in effectively interacting with customers both internally, as a team, and externally

  • Sound time management and problem-solving skills  

  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

  • Good supervisory, team-building, motivational, conflict management and resolution skills

  • Advanced ability to multi-task and be adaptable whilst working in a fast-pace, dynamic environment

  • Must be detail oriented and careful to verify documentation

  • Able to learn quickly, retain and understand relevant information

  • Demonstrated organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and plan work effectively

  • Have a flexible approach to the job and willingness to assist in other areas within the department

  • Domestic and international research skills

  • Familiarity with information and communication technologies and data processing methods, and an understanding of the data protection and privacy issues arising from their use

  • Working knowledge of the Personal Information Protection Act 2016 and best practices in data privacy, cybersecurity, and data governance

  • Proven analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, and negotiating skills

  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite of Products and computerized Accounting systems, such as the Financial Information Management System (FIMS) used by the Government of Bermuda 

  • Working knowledge of the Government of Bermuda’s Conditions of Employment and Code of Conduct, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Government of Bermuda and Trade Unions, and the Government of Bermuda’s Financial Instructions.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification in Law, Technology, Business Administration or relevant field of study.

  • A minimum of ten (10) years’ relevant experience in a similar capacity


While not required, licenses, certifications, or training in government accounting, law, data privacy, or cybersecurity will be considered an asset.


A full list of job duties is available in the Job Description at this link.

We invite you to submit your application online by sending your resume and a cover letter to with the subject line “Deputy Commr.” Applications for this position must be received no later than 15th February 2022 (extended deadline from 1st Feb. 2022).

To facilitate the hiring of qualified Bermudians in accordance with the Public Service Commission Regulations 2001, please indicate your status as “Bermudian”, “Non-Bermudian spouse of a Bermudian”, or “Non-Bermudian” in your cover letter.

PrivCom is an employer that seeks to employ individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We encourage applicants who may feel they do not meet 100% of the requirements. We fully support the use of reasonable accommodations in our working environment. We would consider filling this position as part-time or flexible hours; please indicate such a preference in your cover letter.

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Secondment opportunities

Particularly as a newly-established entity, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PrivCom) is undertaking major developments and expansion. To meet the needs of the office while providing opportunities for individuals in the community to enhance their privacy programme management knowledge, skills, and abilities, we are offering secondment opportunities in a spectrum of business unit functions.

We would be interested to host secondments of individuals with backgrounds or interests in policy, cybersecurity, audit, investigations, information governance, training and awareness, organisational development, project management, technical writing, and human resources.

Experience with or understanding of the Personal Information Protection Act 2016 would be desirable, but we will consider individuals with a range of expertise as we undertake the process of developing and documenting our business processes.

A secondment with PrivCom would be an opportunity for an individual to maintain their current employment with an organisation or company while gaining new experiences and perspectives from working within a regulatory office focusing on information rights.

As part of a secondment, an individual will remain under their existing organisation's employment contract. PrivCom will engage in an agreement with the organisation to determine the length of the secondment (including whether it is full- or part-time or a job share) and the source of the funding.


As a default, the secondment agreement contemplates full funding of salaries by the secondee's employing organisation, but we will consider other arrangements, particularly for public or third-sector organisations. For these reasons, we ask that individuals discuss the possibility of a secondment with their employer before applying. We also welcome inquiries from organisations looking to second staff to PrivCom.

Individuals selected to undertake a secondment must commit to a confidentiality agreement, including an acknowledgement that any knowing or reckless act of disclosure could be an offense under PIPA section 47(1)(f). Secondees must commit to PrivCom's code of conduct or other employee policies and procedures, as appropriate.

To express an interest in secondments, please email a copy of your resume/CV and a cover letter that outlines your business processes of interest to: with the subject line "Secondment"


Since secondment opportunities may be ongoing, please indicate if you wish us to retain your data for only a set amount of time. Otherwise, we will discard secondment application details on a bi-annual basis.