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Global Privacy Assembly 2023

Bringing together more than 130 data protection and privacy watchdogs worldwide, the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) is a global forum that seeks to provide leadership in data protection and privacy. The GPA’s vision is one in which privacy and data protection authorities around the world can effectively act to fulfill their mandates, both individually and jointly, through liaising, networking, disseminating and sharing knowledge, experience and best practice.

GPA's History

The Assembly has been in existence for more than four decades: it first met in 1979 as the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. In September 2020, PrivCom joined the GPA as an accredited member under the helm of Bermuda’s Privacy Commissioner, Alexander White, with full voting rights on joint resolutions and an equal voice to participate in working groups.​ Today Commissioner White serves as a member of the GPA Executive Committee (ExCo) and Chair of the Reference Panel.

Bermuda's GPA Membership

Through the GPA, PrivCom engages with its international counterparts to enhance Bermuda’s reputation as a regulatory leader and to ensure that its guidance and actions are consistent with standards and best practices around the globe. This benefits individuals, as well as businesses, organisations and other entities in Bermuda. While individuals benefit because their privacy rights are interpreted according to the high standards of global consensus, organisations benefit through PrivCom’s guidance, which reflects consensus best practices. At the same time, PrivCom’s regulatory actions become interoperable standards that suit multiple jurisdictions, promoting consistency and reducing compliance costs.

What Bermuda Has to Offer

With its deep hospitality, Bermuda has a long history as a destination for tourism and conference events. Our island sits at the crossroads of the Atlantic, physically, culturally, and economically, and has inspired our community to claiming the best of multiple worlds, a philosophy reflected in our Mid-Atlantic Privacy Compass. The week-long event will entail substantive discussions and traditional music and culture – including appearances by Bermuda’s iconic dancers and drummers, the Gombeys.

If you need information about travel to Bermuda or assistance booking restaurants or business facilities for bilateral meetings, click on the buttons below to learn more about the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA).


Conference Venue


43rd Global Privacy Assembly


The central theme of the 43rd GPA Annual Meeting, hosted by the Mexican Data Protection Authority, INAI, virtually in October 2021, was “Privacy and data protection: A human-centered approach”.

There are critical global issues to discuss, and the GPA’s Annual Meeting is an opportunity like no other to come together; to explore practical issues we all share; to discuss the latest in technology and trends; and to give an opportunity to non-traditional voices. And as a hub for the insurance and risk management industry, which supports the solvency and operation of every organization on the planet, we hope Bermuda’s local industry can bring expertise in risk management practices into the data protection sphere. 

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