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Public Access To Information (PATI)


Information statement last updated: January 2024


The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda (PrivCom) is strongly committed to transparency and to best practices under the Public Access To Information (PATI) Act 2010. The PATI Act gives the public a right to access records that public authorities have. It supports the idea that public records should be considered a national resource. Throughout the world, public access to information laws help strengthen democracies. These laws allow the public to know more about how and why public authorities do particular work or make certain decisions, and how public money is spent.

You may access PrivCom's 2023 Information Statement (dated December 28 2023) using this link.

PATI requests relate to details of PrivCom's administrative operations and spending, and generally do not include information related to specific individuals. Information related to specific individuals is covered by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) 2016. If you wish to understand more about how PrivCom uses data related to individuals, please see our Privacy notice

Lastly, please note that PIPA section 34, “Restrictions on disclosure of information,” states in 34(1) that the Privacy Commissioner “shall not disclose any information obtained in performing his [or her] duties, powers and functions … except as provided in this section.” The section then describes circumstances when the Commissioner may authorise disclosure, such as for investigations or prosecutions. This means that some records we hold will not be subject to PATI Act disclosure. However, a public report will usually be issued after an investigation and actions will be described in our annual reports.

How do you make a PATI request?

Our Information Statement, linked in the section above, provides full details on what records may or may not be available and how to request them. There are numerous ways you may request documents, but since we are a small office we ask that you do direct any PATI requests by email to  with the Subject line: "PATI Request" or by using this button:

What PATI reports are already available?

PrivCom ICO Annual Return

  • As of December 31st, 2023 there were no PATI requests received during 2023.


PrivCom PATI Disclosures 

Because PrivCom is a public authority, any Bermudian or Bermuda resident may make a PATI request to PrivCom for records about PrivCom’s work. In response to those PATI requests, PrivCom may disclose records to the requester.

PrivCom’s public disclosure library will be updated with records disclosed by PrivCom in response to PATI requests that may have a wider public interest. It does not include everything PrivCom has disclosed to PATI requesters under the PATI Act. For instance, information that is personal to a PATI requester is not posted to the PrivCom’s disclosure library. 

PrivCom PATI Request Tracking LOG 


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