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Service Request Form

If you would like to request PrivCom’s service, please complete this form.

The services you can request are as follows:

Privacy Officer (PO) Careers is a free 1-hour in-person or virtual session during which individuals can explore their work experience, interests, values, and education/training background to plan a PO career.

"Sandboxes" are structures developed by regulators around the world where innovative organisations can test and experiment in a controlled environment and in close coordination with oversight expertise. 

General support consultation (GSC) is an opportunity for your organisation to consult PrivCom on privacy-related matters affecting your organisation. Any guidance or advice provided during a GSC does not constitute a legal opinion or advice.

Regulatory Advisory Opinion (RAO) is an opinion issued by PrivCom that merely provides guidance or advice but does not constitute a legal opinion.

If you are unable to use the online form, you may print and fill out a PDF version and send it to

Submitting your request at least a month prior to the event for on-island events and 3-6 months for off-island service provision is highly recommended.


Sufficient notice will give our office enough time to review and respond to your request. 

Please be advised that we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

N.B. Please note that if a client chooses their own venue, the client retains all costs (set-up requirements, refreshments, etc.)

Please be mindful that the selected dates are tentative and may not be available. Note that dates/times are not  confirmed until all parties have signed the Service Confirmation Form (SCF). We will be in touch to coordinate a day and time.

You can download PDF version here

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