Update 4 May 2020 | OPC Operations During Re-Opening Phase 1: Limited Business

Note: An update to this post was issued on 9 June 2020. For details, please see: 'Update 9 June 2020 | Operations During Re-Opening Phase 3: "Moving to Normal."'

In recent weeks, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, like many of our friends and colleagues, has continued operations remotely from home. In that time, we are proud to have laid groundwork for our office's online presence [including this website, www.privacy.bm, and on social media], developed written guidance on privacy practices, and provided consultations to citizens, businesses, and civil servants.

While an independent public office, for the sake of consistency and respecting the advice of Bermuda's public health experts, we will match Government of Bermuda operating procedures to the extent possible.

On Monday, 4 May 2020, we will begin limited external operations in accordance with Government guidance.

All Bermudians are encouraged to move about only as needed, so primary means of contact with OPC remain telephone and email, as described on our Contact Us page. If