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Update 22 Dec 2021 | Temporary Shift to Remote Operations

As a precaution in response to current public health circumstances, please note that as of Thursday, December 23rd, our office will operate remotely.

Our office will operate with office staff working remotely unless a physical presence is absolutely required. The primary means to contact us remains telephone and email, as described on our Contact Us page. If you wish to meet with staff for a live discussion, please contact us to set up a video conference or, if absolutely required, an in-person meeting during daytime hours with physical distancing, non-medical masks, and other precautions in place.

While we are an independent public office, for the sake of consistency and respecting the advice of Bermuda's public health experts, we will match Government of Bermuda operating procedures to the extent possible. Please note that this entails certain measures, such as wearing a mask, will be required for in-person interactions. Please contact us in advance to ensure you have the appropriate preparations.

PrivCom stands ready to help Bermudians understand, protect, and implement their privacy rights. We are available by telephone, email, or video conferencing to discuss questions or concerns you may have about your personal privacy or professional practices.

In these uncertain times, we wish everyone the best of health and happiness.

Alexander McD White

Privacy Commissioner

To reach out to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, please visit our Contact Us page.


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