Mid-Atlantic Privacy: Ethics are your True North

Note: This post is part of a series on the Mid-Atlantic Privacy Compass. Over the following weeks, Commissioner White will explore each of its Compass Points in greater detail.


  • Ethical behaviour should always be an organisation’s true north. An organisation’s ethics inform their sense of corporate responsibility and must be valued as much as profitability.

  • Organisations should develop Deliberate Ethics, a process for considering and formalising ethics within their operations through both an ethical framework and the mechanisms to implement it, such as ethics review processes and advisory boards.

  • Particularly, organisations working in advanced technology that move more quickly than laws and regulations must recognize their responsibility to engage in ethics-by-design and demonstrate their accountability.


North has always had a point of primacy on the compass rose, and there's no better concept to place in this honoured spot than Ethics. Ethical behaviour should always be an organisation&#