How to Celebrate Data Privacy Day

[Note: This column originally appeared in Bernews on 28 Jan 2020, International Data Privacy Day]


Holidays are excellent opportunities to reflect. These red-letter days, no matter their place or origin, mark important historical or religious events. When we keep these holidays, we celebrate traditions and reflect on what may have changed or stayed the same. New Year celebrations are a perfect example: wonderful traditions of revelry, but also inspiration to take stock in what we value and resolve to live our lives accordingly.

January 28th is, admittedly, one of the lesser-known holidays, but it is certainly a red-letter date in the privacy community. It represents the anniversary of an important historical event and offers us the chance to reflect on how our society thinks of privacy and the use of personal information.

Data Privacy Day, also called “Data Protection Day” in some places, marks the anniversary of a milestone treaty that enshrined privacy a