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A Look Back at 2020: Top 10 Most-Visited Blog Posts

Later this month, Commissioner White will pick out his own highlights from 2020, but first we thought we might let the data on our most popular postings speak for itself...

10. Commissioner White Congratulates First Cohort of Bermuda Privacy Professionals [Keynote Speech]: On September 2nd, TLC Group hosted a ceremony to celebrate the 'first cohort' of home-grown Bermudian privacy professionals. These individuals had completed the "Privacy Officer Foundation" and "Practitioner" courses that were recently recognised by PrivCom as providing training that is appropriate to the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for an individual to perform the duties of a Privacy Officer. Commissioner White delivered this speech on the importance of Stewardship as the event's keynote.

9. Guest Post: The Principles of Privacy by Design: This guest post was authored by one of our Summer 2020 interns: Privacy Technology Analyst Kahlil Smythe as an overview of the principles of Privacy by Design. Kudos to Kahlil and thank you to the Department of Workforce Development for sponsoring his placement with PrivCom.

8. What is a privacy programme? In this guidance note, we describe elements of a privacy programme and direct organisations to links with additional resources. Though only posted in November, it still proved popular enough to crack the top ten posts of the year.

7. Work from home tips from Bermuda's Cybersecurity Governance Board: Many organisations were forced to quickly shift to working remotely or from employees' homes. The Bermuda Cybersecurity Governance Board, of which the Privacy Commissioner is a participant, developed these recommendations to help make the transition.

6. PrivCom Recognises The TLC Group's Privacy Officer Foundation and Practitioner Courses: After coordinating during the development of their course and reviewing the final materials, PrivCom officially recognised the TLC Group's bespoke PIPA training.

5. Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020: Organisations around the world designate October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month to help people understand security issues in a real and practical way. Each day of the month, PrivCom updated this page with more resources on cybersecurity and how it supports privacy.

4. Bermuda Report on Information Accountability: This report surveys the history of the privacy concept of Accountability from its origins and from (almost quite literally) the four corners of the globe. It describes its evolution and formalisation as a core privacy principle, essential to the success of private organisations as well as their regulatory environments. Practically, the Report provides tangible examples of both "building block" and ongoing steps to ensure a successful privacy program, such as the "Enhanced Data Stewardship Accountability Elements."

3. Seeking Expressions of Interest from Businesses for Privacy Work Experience Programs: The popularity of this post seeking partners in the business community to support the training and professional development of Privacy Officers showed the level of interest in the business community for these skills.

2. The Mid-Atlantic Privacy Compass: Drafted to define our office's guiding philosophies, the Compass's cardinal and ordinal points serve as guide markers for organisations, oversight groups, and society generally, in support of industry standards like Fair Information Practices (FIPs) and Privacy by Design principles. As data protection practices become more mature in the level of specificity with which procedural actions must be taken, the Compass can provide a broader view and a tool to inform strategic decisions.

1. In Bermuda, Privacy Means Business: How Investing in a Privacy Programme Pays Off: In our most popular post of 2020, Commissioner White outlines recent studies into the return on investment and other benefits of privacy programmes, which have shown that they will in fact improve the business's efficiencies and competitive standing in a manner that repays the business in a variety of ways. If you don't have a privacy programme, your business is missing a trick.

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