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#JustForFun: A Privacy & Security Playlist as You Work From Home

Commissioner's Note: This playlist was compiled by one of our Summer 2020 interns: Media & Communications Analyst Jaime Furtado. Jaime has worked behind the scenes, developing items such as business cases and a communications calendar, but this playlist is something #JustForFun that everyone can enjoy. Kudos to Jaime for all his work, and thank you as well to the Department of Workforce Development for sponsoring his placement with PrivCom.

Need some music to help you stay productive while working from home / living at work? This playlist contains songs with "Privacy" and "Security" connections in the titles. There's something for everyone here, from a variety of genres! You can access the Spotify playlist here.

Please note this is not necessarily an endorsement of Spotify or its privacy practices: any time you create an account with an organisation, be sure to read their privacy notice!

To reach out to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, please visit our Contact Us page.


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