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Share Your Memories from the 45th Annual Global Privacy Assembly!


The 45th Annual Global Privacy Assembly was a momentous event that brought together privacy enthusiasts, experts, and advocates from around the world! We invite you to be part of the legacy by sharing your cherished memories and experiences. Your pictures and videos will help us relive the magic of this extraordinary gathering. Let's create a digital time capsule together!

Why Share Your Media?

  • Preserve the Moment: Your photos and videos capture unique moments and interactions that should be cherished for years to come.

  • Global Community: Contribute to the global privacy community by sharing your perspective and experiences.

  • Inspire Others: Your media may inspire others to engage with privacy issues and participate in future events.

How to Share?

  1. Select Your Best Shots: Go through your collection and pick the most memorable pictures and videos.

  2. Quality Matters: Ensure your media is of good quality and reflects the essence of the event.

  3. Prepare a Description: Share a brief description or story about each media item. What's the story behind it? Why is it special to you?

  4. Upload and Share: Use the submission form below to upload your media and provide your details.

Your contributions may be featured in a dedicated gallery on our website, allowing visitors to relive the 45th Annual Global Privacy Assembly through your eyes. You'll be part of the collective memory that celebrates privacy awareness and advocacy. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a global initiative that captures the spirit of the 45th Annual Global Privacy Assembly.


Together, we can create a lasting legacy that resonates with privacy enthusiasts worldwide. We can't wait to see the event from your perspective. Share your photos and videos and be a part of this historic moment in the world of privacy advocacy. Let's keep the memories alive!

Not all photographs submitted will be made available. Individuals registered for the 45th GPA were given the opportunity to opt out of photos being made public.

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