Guest Post: The Role Of Academia In Bridging Global AI Divides – Cultural Representation In AI

As students return to school, the month of September inspires learning and collaboration to strengthen opportunities for work and personal interests. Many of us enjoy the range of benefits that technology introduces to our lives, and artificial intelligence is embedded in many applications that we are starting to depend on for employment and home life. Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the ethical, privacy, and human rights issues that AI presents to individuals, locally and globally.

In conjunction with the Morality & Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (MKAI) Forum, PrivCom is pleased to share this guest post by Animesh Jain, Vemir Ambartsoumean & Richard Foster-Fletcher (Chair of MKAI). The writers of the below article explore the importance of academia's role in mutual trust-building exercises and cross-cultural development to promote collaboration and cooperation in order to establish AI governance that serves & protects humanity.