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PrivCom's Trust Principles

PrivCom’s trust principles guide the development of rules that all services, engagement activities and support mechanisms follow, based on the purposes of engagement while assisting the public with privacy and the implementation of Bermuda's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

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The rights and needs of people are of highest importance. Wherever possible, people are allowed to retain control over their information in line with legislative requirements, including the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Our team may be small but we provide a range of services and training via our website. Visit the Events page to explore our public training initiatives. On our Services page, you can book support, coaching and consultation for your privacy interests and concerns. 

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Barriers to participation, whether social, financial or technical, are minimised without compromising security or privacy. PrivCom appreciates and embraces diversity and aims to be as inclusive as possible at all times.

If you require support or have a question about the support we can provide, contact us here.


Visit our Downloadable Guidance page to access our English and Portuguese brochures. We aim to provide a range of brochures and support in English and other languages. Watch this space!

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Everyone has the right to expect that personal and organisational information will be stored, shared and used in a secure manner. Technology design, operational controls and regulations governing the use of personal and organisational information safeguard it from breaches, corruption, or loss. PrivCom aims to ensure that personal information used by our organisation is secured at all times.

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Privacy is a critical enabler of trust and wherever possible, everyone’s privacy must be respected. Our approaches to privacy are proactive and preventative and privacy is embedded in the design and maintenance of systems and services. We aim to ensure protection or accountability and privacy is continuously protected across PrivCom. 

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PrivCom's processes are designed and maintained in a manner that supports its technical, social, and economic sustainability in the long-term. Our services and training are flexible to adapt to change (for example, implementation priorities, emerging technologies or regulatory developments) and support innovation. They are also scalable and able to be altered in size, in order to enable people-centred outcomes.

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Open & Transparent

We aim to ensure our engagement services are maintained in an accessible, responsive and accountable manner. We aim to provide the best guidance to our knowledge at the time of delivery. 

If you are concerned about the way that we are handling your personal information, click here to contact our Privacy & PATI Officer, Assistant Commissioner Georgia Fevriere.

Need to talk to someone?

PrivCom offers a range of options for individuals requiring support currently free of charge. From privacy career coaching to privacy program consultations, our services are tailored to your needs and provided by privacy professionals that are keen to share their knowledge and best practices.

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