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Commissioner White has served as Bermuda's first Privacy Commissioner since January 2020 and a member of the Global Privacy Assembly Executive Committee since January 2022.

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About the Office

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda was established as an independent public office in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2016 (PIPA). The mandate of the Privacy Commissioner is to regulate the use of personal information by organisations in a manner which recognizes both the need to protect the rights of individuals in relation to their personal information and the need for organisations to use personal information for legitimate purposes, among other duties.

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Deputy Commissioner

As the Deputy Privacy Commissioner, Ms. Farquharson will strengthen the office’s capabilities in safeguarding the privacy rights of Bermuda's citizens through the office’s privacy initiatives, investigations, and guidance to both public and private entities. She will work closely with Privacy Commissioner Alexander White and the entire PrivCom team to ensure that privacy rights are protected and that individuals have control over their personal information in the digital age.

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Georgia Fevriere
Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Fevriere is a member of our senior leadership team and leads the operations unit, with varied responsibilities for administration, project management, research, and policy development.

Assistant Commissioner



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Christopher Moulder
Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Moulder is a member

of our senior leadership team and leads the investigations unit, with varied responsibilities for case management, policy development, complaints, concerns, audits, investigations, inquiries, and order making.

Disclosure of Interests

Click on the link to view the Disclosure of Interests forms for PrivCom Staff

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