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Timely responses

You deal with requests from individuals in a timely manner that meets individual expectations and statutory timescales.

Best Practice

  • Your organisation actions all requests within local (and relevant international) regulatory timeframes.

  • The team members responsible for managing requests meet regularly to discuss any issues and investigate, prioritise or escalate any delayed cases.

  • If an extension is required, there's a process in place to update individuals on the progress of their request and keep them informed.

  • If a request is refused, records are logged about the reasons why and the organisation informs individuals about the reasons for any refusals or exemptions.

Accountability Check

  1. Would team members confirm that the process in place to deal with issues is regular and effective?

  2. Would requesters share that they are kept well-informed about the progress of their request?

  3. Do requesters receive clear information?

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