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Privacy Rights Project

Do you have a process in place to support individuals with concerns about privacy rights?

What to do?

  • How easy is it for individuals to request and receive information that your organisation has about them?

  • Is there a clear and easy way for individuals to request to have personal information deleted?

  • Do you have a data quality process in place, and make it easy for individuals to view and update their personal information for accuracy and completeness? Be sure to include a step in the process to verify the identity of the person requesting change to the personal information.

  • Is it an easy process for individuals to request access to their personal information? Again, include an identity verification step.

  • Can employees and clients easily block the use of their personal information for direct marketing, advertising and public relations purposes?

  • When building or implementing processes or solutions that include automated decision-making, do you consider privacy rights at each step of the process?

  • If a client or employee wanted to have their information transferred to another entity, do you have a procedure in place to ensure that the information is protected and in an easily readable format?

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