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Choice is all about finding out what options people want and how they want to get involved.


Choice and inclusion go hand in hand as choice refers to identifying what an individual can do. PrivCom offers lot of options for individuals to take advantage of to demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity. The more support that we have, the more likely more diverse people will get involved with protecting their personal information and data belonging to others.

PrivCom's engagement activities use the "Inclusion Spectrum" approach to inclusion to support people of all abilities that require support to protect their personal information by considering the different ways an individual may need help, get in touch, or even partner with our office. This process is useful in identifying the needs and wants to provide a range of assistance options. We embrace new ideas and ways to provide our services, so we remain open-minded, often welcome advice from the public and create opportunities to share concerns, questions, and thoughts through sectoral advisory groups, listening tours, and feedback surveys.

Examples of PrivCom's training and engagement activities using the "Inclusion Spectrum" approach:

Open: A simple training event based on a well-known data privacy topic that the general public can understand with little or no modifications, i.e., PrivCom's Know Your Rights training

Modified: The same event as the Open example with activities (breakout rooms or teams) to challenge and support smaller groups with varying levels of understanding of privacy and abilities, i.e., PrivCom's Create a Culture of Privacy training (group and team activities)

Parallel Workshop: Participants are grouped according to level of understanding of PIPA and privacy best practices; training topics are the same but tailored for various audiences or competency levels, i.e., training for Privacy Officers vs training for primary school students.

Separate Activity: An individual or group does a tailored, planned, and different activity, i.e., privacy consultation or privacy careers coaching session

Specialized Training: Training designed for a specific entity with topics chosen by participants and activities based on levels of understanding, i.e., training tailored to help an organisation learn more about privacy policies to improve their privacy programme

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