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Have you registered for PrivCom's Mastermind Events? We want to hear your thoughts, questions and concerns. Whether you are a student, senior citizen, business owner or professional, or curious member of the community interested in Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies, there's a quarterly mastermind event waiting to hear your thoughts as we design guidance and support services for the community! 

We are keen to learn from, collaborate with and listen to Bermuda's community and our Mastermind sessions are an ideal way to make sure your voice is heard as we prepare for the implementation of Bermuda's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).


The sessions will take place quarterly so the next session will be in Spring 2023 for 1-hour at our office (or you may join via Zoom).


If you are interested in joining a mastermind, fill this form and choose from the Community Mastermind, Meeting of the Minds (Charities, NGOs & Nonprofits), Emerging Technology Mastermind, or the Senior's Afternoon Tea Group.


Contact or 543-7742 with questions.

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