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Complying with Information Privacy and Protection Laws

Good information privacy and protection makes good economic sense because it saves time & money and positions your entity as one that cares about people's information. This can seriously help to boost your organisation's reputation and open doors of opportunity!


As people are becoming more aware of their personal information rights and empowered to understand how it’s being used, organisations that value customer trust will need to take steps to ensure that they get information privacy management right.


When PIPA is in full operation, PrivCom will have the power to issue penalties for non-compliance, but our values of innovation and sustainability means that we are committed to supporting organisations with information privacy and protection best practices awareness, nuances, and challenges through our suite of training events, support services, and consulting & coaching engagements.

Keeping personal information safe is vital to building trust with individuals that use your products or services.


Whether you employee staff or are a sole entrepreneur, you’re responsible for protecting the personal information of (or information about) individuals that come into contact with your organisation, whether they are customers, suppliers, or team members.


There is no one-size-fits-all for providing information privacy and protection advice. Your business is unique and how you manage personal information will be unique as well. As you know your business best, you are the best person to identify and decide what to do with the personal information that you hold. PrivCom is here to help you with each step of the compliance journey.

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