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Data Privacy Week 2023


This event will run from 10-11 am on Monday, 23rd January.

At 10 am, start by watching the below welcome video with your students.
















This page provides educators with resources and tools to facilitate "Privacy Hour" for students. Scroll to download the age/year pack activities.


Having trouble with accessing materials or need help with the Hackathon or another activity during Privacy Hour? Our team is here to support:

1. Direct support: Click the below button to join the Zoom support room for immediate assistance. Passcode: 728731

2. Call: 543-7742, 543-7743 or 543-7748 

3. Email:

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Click the image or the "Download" button below to view the Education Packs Inventory.


Explore the data privacy related edutainment and age-appropriate activities. Then, scroll below to access the zip files to download in preparation for "Privacy Hour for Students" on Monday, 23rd January from 10-11 am ADT.

Looking for ideas to plan your student's Data Privacy Week experience? PrivCom has designed a few sample plans. Feel free to use as is or you may be inspired to create your own.

Privacy Hour for Children

Coloring Activity + Name the Turtle (3).png

“Privacy Hour for Children” is an opportunity for schools to dedicate 1-hour to focus on the importance of protecting children's information privacy on- and offline. It is designed with fun, age-appropriate activities to inspire safe and smart behaviors when engaging online with friends, strangers and how young people build digital identity and confidence.

Click on the age/year group to uncover a pack of privacy-related materials. The goal is to spend the full hour (10-11 am) focused on data privacy and online safety, so the materials provide useful resources. Teachers do not have to use all items and can decide the hour based on the characteristics and behaviors of the young people, i.e., a teacher may decide that reading the privacy book and coloring is enough for the privacy hour and reserve another activity in the pack for a later time (or next year).

Note that many of these resources are easily accessible online at

Name the PrivCom turtle mascot 

Teen Hackathon

Private Schools.png

We know that privacy and personal information is a big concern for teens, so we are launching our very first privacy hackathon to introduce new ways to protect their privacy in a digital world! Participate and push your collaborative and creative limits!

Click on each age/year level pack to download a zip file containing resources from PrivCom & to plan "Privacy Hour" for your class. If you need support, click the "Book a consultation" button at the top of this page.

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