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Data Privacy Week 2023

We are pleased to introduce Data Privacy Week! From January 23rd to the 27th and we aim to touch every facet of the community. All week, we will host interactive events, such as compelling masterminds, thought-provoking workshops, "Privacy Hour" for young people, and our very first Privacy Tea Party for seniors! 

Seats are limited so don't delay, RSVP today!

Need further details before reserving your place? Click the "Book a Consultation" button for a 15-minute meeting to discuss your questions or concerns.

Privacy Hour for Children

Coloring Activity + Name the Turtle (3).png

PrivCom invites all public, private, and home schools to join our efforts to empower the children of Bermuda with age-appropriate activities.

“Privacy Hour for Children” will consist of coloring and naming PrivCom’s new turtle mascot for primary students. “Privacy Hour for Teens” invites secondary students to participate in a Privacy Hackathon activity!

If your nursery, preschool, public, private or home school will join "Privacy Hour for Children", RSVP today. 

Privacy Hour for Teens

Private Schools.png

We know that privacy and personal information is a big concern for teens, so we are launching our very first privacy hackathon to introduce new ways to protect their privacy in a digital world! Participate and push your collaborative and creative limits!

Public, Private and Home Schools, RSVP today!

Community Privacy Mastermind: 
Connecting to your Inner Being

Data Privacy Week Events (3).png

Dive into a range of privacy-related topics & join an inspiring conversation with community peers to discuss privacy changes due to the PIPA’s phased implementation & the benefits of having a “big picture mentality” to open the door to privacy-related jobs & collaborative opportunities.

Seniors Privacy Tea Party

Data Privacy Week Events (1).png

A sweet treat for older individuals to enjoy a special afternoon, sipping tea and sharing their thoughts on creative and clever ways to protect their personal information online and offline, and to develop a privacy defense.

Note that this event will be held at the PrivCom office in Hamilton and is catered by the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Bermuda: Are We Ready?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in Bermuda Are we ready_edited.jpg

This event is a must-attend virtual workshop for organisations in Bermuda to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and its uses in the business world.


The interactive workshop will give Bermuda's entities of all sizes a better understanding of AI technologies and how smart & responsible AI can open the door to new opportunities.

Meeting of the Minds Roundtable

Data Privacy Week Events.png

Join us as we host the Meeting of the Minds Roundtable event, designed for nonprofits, NGOs, and charities to share their thoughts, questions, best practices, and insights about privacy in the “hot seat” with like-minded individuals.

Don’t let the term “hot seat” scare you – this is not a judgment seat – it is an opportunity for you to ask questions (or share thoughts) specific to your organisation. Participants will have the chance to share suggestions and then a privacy expert from PrivCom will provide best-practice solutions. Concerns about PIPA and privacy compliance will also be noted so we want to hear your thoughts!

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