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Most Common Privacy Concerns

We often receive concerns/complaints from people about the following:


  • an organization hasn’t given them all their information in response to their information access request (IAR);

  • an organization hasn’t kept their personal information secure;

  • some of the personal information the organization holds about them is inaccurate;

  • an organization has given their personal information to someone else;

  • an employee of an organization has mismanaged their personal information;

  • the operational practices of an organization is concerning regarding information management;

  • an organization has used unlawful marketing tactics to promote their business interests;

  • an organization kept their personal information for longer than necessary; or

  • an organization is using their personal information for something other than what they said they would.


You may start receiving similar complaints and if they’re not happy with how you respond, they could complain to us.


It’s a good idea to regularly review feedback and complaints that customers and employees send you. This will help you understand how to improve your services for the future and avoid repeating mistakes.

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